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Black Holes ~ Dark Matter

A Study of This Intimate Association to Produce Matter

About the Site

This website posits and reveals the universe as a habitat for its three basic components plus one, which are Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Real Matter/Energy, and that indispensable go-between and mid-wife to those three – Black Holes.

To correctly understand the mechanics of a universe we must consider these possibilities:

That Dark Matter can become Real Matter.

That Dark Energy is a product of that conversion.

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An appeal to help defray the cost of this website.

It costs thousands of dollars to put up a site such as this one. Most of you will say it is a waste of money. But, a few, very few, will appreciate the stimulus to contemplate our universe in a different way. You few are not hesitant about challenging science orthodoxy. Even when the price to pay is money.

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Black Holes and Dark Chocolate

December 11th 2011 by Kopernik ii

If you have read “Black Holes ~ Dark Matter” you can envision how every thing in the real world has developed from a long line of events, and in which that „thing‟ in itself leads to other advancements. A major property of the universe is connectiveness.

Let’s Get Metaphysical

December 11th 2011 by Kopernik ii

Thus far we have explored our intimate physical association with our parent universe. You need not peer through the most powerful telescopes nor pore over reams of data from a state of the art electronic detector in order to know something of that august whole.

An Anthropomorphic Universe

December 11th 2011 by Kopernik ii

Critics will surely complain that this commentary, “The Backside of the Universe”, is anthropomorphic; that is, human attributes are ascribed to an inanimate universe. But human beings cannot bestow qualities of purpose, strategy, design, craftsmanship, and desire for harmony, balance, and beauty on a universe.

We Are All Immigrants

December 11th 2011 by Kopernik ii

Yes we are. Every person you have met or will meet is an immigrant. This is not about your parents arriving here from somewhere else, or your grandparents, or even your ancestors going back 10,000 years or more.

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